In Memoriam…

I had the pleasure of spending Memorial Day weekend with a dear friend in San Diego. It was a perfect way to end Spring and welcome Summer. It was a chilly weekend there, but it was perfect in virtually every way.

My first morning, I went and checked out a nearby Crossfit gym, Crossfit Ocean Beach, while my friend went out to paddle in the waves. It was such a fun and welcoming group. There were maybe 8 of us in the class, including a Karina, Corinna (me) and a Katrina. Funny, noh?! The workout was on point and I finished it off with a trip across the street to get some strong delicious coffee and people watching. This is a pretty typical way for me to wrap up any Saturday morning workout or bike ride, and it was just as lovely in San Diego.

My friend dropped by and we readied ourselves for the most legit Beach Cruiser ride ever! We covered about 16 miles of hilly beach area, with a quirky resort sight seeing detour and a tour of his beautiful and immaculate fitness studio. Beach cruisers are not easy. 🙂 I ride road, mountain, time trial and track fixed gear bikes, but nothing is quite like covering miles on a cruiser. If you’ve ever slaved away on an Airdyne Bike, imagine that for 16 hilly miles, and that’s what the beach cruiser feels like. 😂 I loved this ride. It was spontaneous and the weather, scenery and company was perfect!

The next day, we went on a beautiful and brisk hike. The weather was gray and a little bit rainy, but it felt really nice and kept us cool as we clipped up the hill. We made our way to Fort Rosecrans National Cemetery in observance of Memorial Day. It was simultaneously quite a sobering and beautiful sight looking out at the uniform sea of white headstones, and the vast Pacific Ocean on the horizon. We walked through and took it all in. I was kicking myself a bit because I neglected to put a heavier jacket in the car. It was still a little rainy and gray and the ocean breeze was chilling me to the bone. 😳 I felt sad to be distracted.

I really enjoyed my time over this weekend. We had spontaneous adventures, enjoyed some sightseeing, we ate delicious food (mostly cooked by him), drank tasty wine, laughed, danced and relaxed. My friend showed me impeccable hospitality, and it was a lovely way to welcome Summer. Alas, the weekend quickly came to an end and so did Spring.

I was happy to get home to my boys. But I also returned home to the crazy busy reality of my dudes being on Summer Break. This trip was a transition into a Summer season full of changes. We had change of routine, difficult change in one of my oldest friendships, development of new friendships, change in family relationships (mostly good), and change in attitudes and priorities. Then, the beginning of August brought in a new school year. I feel like this sweet trip, and all of Spring, happened a lifetime ago.

I know my dear friend had a full and eventful Summer too. We’ve lost touch in the all that is life, but I’m grateful and appreciate the time I had to connect that weekend. It was special to be welcomed so generously into somebody else’s world for a couple of days. I intend to get away a little more often, if I can. It’s good for the soul and it always feels good to come home. I have my sights set on The Incline in Colorado. A girlfriend of mine lives a few miles away from there, and I would love to trek to the top with her. We’ll see. I’ll have to do some weather planning for that one.

I have completed Date #17, but I feel like I want to post a Summer Family Adventure first because some unexpected magic happened and it was really special. Thank you for stopping by!

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