Date #23 – Children of the Corn…

I had a hankerin’ for more axe-throwing, but with graduations happening and it being Mother’s Day Weekend, I wasn’t able to round up an opponent for that. I somehow thought this was the 2nd Saturday of May, which matters because Tucson Downtown comes to life with music, food and vendors every 2nd Saturday. They just... Continue Reading →

Lens-Artists #196: Humor

Here is my entry for Lens-Artists Photo A Week Challenge - Humor from John @ John’s Space. These two people are an endless source of funny moments. I love it when I’m able to catch a picture when it’s happening. Little Brother After Big Brother from Day 1. Here He Goes Again Shenanigans In the... Continue Reading →

Date #22: Bury the Hatchet…

This date was so much fun. A friend of mine got me into reading Comanche Moon, a novel by Larry McMurtry. I think maybe the idea of the bows and arrows and tomahawks inspired my choice for this one. Not to mention, I’ve been wanting to try axe-throwing for a while! I chose to go... Continue Reading →

CFFC Photo Challenge: Wood

Here is my contribution to Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge -Wood. Little wood house teetering on a hillside in Bisbee, AZ Random Tree Carcass at Lake Roosevelt, AZ Red-Tailed Hawks on their favorite perch at the end of my yard. Twisty Gnarly wood in Saguaro National Park, AZ Medusa-like dead tree hanging out with her voluptuous... Continue Reading →

Neck Deep in the Suck

I’m a cyclist. I’m mostly a road cyclist, but have also been trying to add more mountain biking to my life. These sports are very different and present uniquely rewarding challenges and obstacles to overcome. I had a road ride yesterday that inspired me to write words about it because it was one of the... Continue Reading →

Date #21: Bowling With Marlene (Mom)…

We just recently had a much COVID delayed memorial service for my Mom, who passed away 9/12/2020. It’s been a challenging several months because I lost my Dad on 9/3/2021. Mom’s service stirred up all sorts of feelings that I wasn’t expecting. My Mom had a very strained and complicated relationship with my brother and... Continue Reading →

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