50 Years Down! Still Chipping Away at the 50 Dates!

That’s right…I’ve hit my 50th birthday before reaching my 50th date…that’s ok. I didn’t give myself a deadline for this thing. So, I’m 50 years old now. Approaching this birthday felt really strange for me.

Turning 50 wasn’t bothering me. The sense of apathy that I was having about celebrating it surprised me and made me feel a little sad. I’m normally all about birthdays and have been one of those people who likes to celebrate the birth month, not just mine, but friends’ and family’s too. The last couple of years have been incredibly challenging with COVID chaos and so many other reasons. Maybe I just got tired.

A girlfriend of mine referred to this feeling as ennui, which is a fancy word to say that one is experiencing a sense of MMeh. I tried to make sense of my MMeh attitude about this milestone birthday, and decided that maybe the reason didn’t matter so much. What mattered was that a person only turns 50 once, and I wanted to enjoy it. Enough with the MMEH!

The idea of a party or something big really didn’t appeal to me. I wasn’t in the mood for logistics required to get away for the weekend. I just wanted to spend some time with people who have brought joy to my 50th year.

I was treated to really nice dinner date by a super groovy guy who made my birthday night feel really special.

The next morning I took off with a girlfriend to Patagonia, AZ to do a gravel ride that she and I had been wanting to try together. Our schedules FINALLY allowed us to go out and do it on my birthday weekend. It was so beautiful out there after all of the rain. It looked like a super green magical fairy land full of wild flowers. It was great to spend the day riding in the dirt with my girl.

I have an amazing group of girlfriends. We try to get together throughout the year to catch up over dinner. My aforementioned gravel riding buddy is one of them. We call it Girls’ Night Out (GNO). We’ve been doing it for well over 15 years. Our GNOs used to be much more frequent, but as life has changed, we now make it a point to celebrate each other’s birthdays. My GNO girls took me out for a dinner and birthday love.

I’d say it was a pretty perfect birthday and I love and appreciate everyone who made it feel that way. Thank you so very much. My 40’s were quite tough. I would like to do all I can to make my 50’s a kick ass decade. It’s a blessing and an honor to be able to start it all off with good health and friends and loved ones helping me to celebrate.

Now what the Heck am I going to plan for Date #29?!

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