Independence Day and Magic…

My cousins reached out to inform my brother and me that they would be spending the 4th of July holiday in Prescott, AZ with their kids and my Aunt and Uncle. They were hoping we could both get our families mobilized to get out there for a visit. Prescott is a very busy place for... Continue Reading →

In Memoriam…

I had the pleasure of spending Memorial Day weekend with a dear friend in San Diego. It was a perfect way to end Spring and welcome Summer. It was a chilly weekend there, but it was perfect in virtually every way. My first morning, I went and checked out a nearby Crossfit gym, Crossfit Ocean... Continue Reading →

Dirty Girls and Dragonflies…

A couple of my girlfriends and I decided we were in need of some girl camping and mountain bike adventures. Hurray! That’s 2 mountain bike adventures for me this year! I’ve broken the mountain biking once per year cycle!! Two of these lovely ladies live in New Mexico. We settled on a plan to check... Continue Reading →

Love Is a Battlefield: Part 2

The 2nd part of my solo dating slump is that I have been dating other well as myself. It has been fun and exciting at times, and also confusing, discouraging and heartbreaking. I’ve met some nice people, but have also been hurt, disappointed and confused. I’m usually mostly confused. My sweet little boy’s heartache... Continue Reading →

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