Rag Tag Daily Prompt – Spiky

Happy New Year! I expected to have Date #16 under my belt a few weeks ago, but it was cancelled on me, and then the holidays took over! I’m scheduled to complete it tomorrow, 1/5! Hurray! In the meantime, this is my contribution to the Rag Tag Daily Prompt: Spiky.

The Sunshine Blogger Award!

Many thanks to agirlwhowrites at The Quill for nominating me. Check out her blog for her beautiful writing about her inner thoughts and musings. I enjoy reading her point of view. The rules/guidelines: 1. Thank the person who nominated you and provide a link back to their blog so others can find them. 2. Answer... Continue Reading →

Date #13: Pinball Wizardry…

I don’t remember the last time I played pinball. It’s been tens of years...I found a Pinball Tournament event and thought it sounded like a fun change of scenery for me. I felt a little awkward when I walked into the Pinball joint, D&D Pinball. Event registration, warm up, etc was supposed to start at... Continue Reading →

Cee’s Black & White Challenge: Trees…

This post is in response to Cee's Black & White Challenge: Trees. Date #13 happens tonight, so I should be posting about that very soon!! I have a weakness for dead trees and how they look like the most interesting sculptures. Here are my Trees: And...one living tree:

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