Awakening: Best Morning View Ever!

This post is in response to The Daily Post's Weekly Photo Challenge to post a photo representing Awakening. The theme of the challenge was inspired by Spring, but I'm honoring my Springtime Baby instead. He turns 3 on April 17th, and this picture is pretty typical of our favorite way to start the morning. Enjoy!

Explore Happy…

I was unable to do my Date #6 event last weekend, as I had planned. I definitely plan to get a date under my belt this week. In the meantime, I saw a couple of daily/weekly blog post challenges that are relevant to my personal blog journey and thought they would be fun to include!... Continue Reading →

Desert Skies…

This post is in response to the Daily Post's Photo Challenge of┬áRise/Set. The sunrises and sunsets where I live are out of this world and have played a huge part in me putting my heart back together. It is impossible to look at the amazing colors in the sky and the crazy cloud formations and... Continue Reading →

Date #5: A Coffee Toodle:

My short list of date ideas for myself included a solo bike ride. Cycling has been a passion of mine for about 18 years now. I primarily ride on the road, but cheat on my road bike with my mountain bike every now and then. I've done some racing, centuries (100+ mile rides) and a... Continue Reading →

Date #4: Let’s Dance!

I gained more inspiration from my Paint Night instructor from Date #3. She is a West Coast Swing Dancer and told me about various beginner classes available during the week. Dance class was one of the date options on my short list for my 50 dates adventure, so I figured it would be a perfect... Continue Reading →

“I’m Horny” Paint Night Afterthought…

My lovely Paint Night instructor, Karina, posted this link from Will Smith about personal responsibility for happiness shortly after I took her class. Naturally, it really hit home for me because it is very relevant to my own personal 50 First Dates with Me adventure. This video really inspired me. This is what I aspire... Continue Reading →

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