Desert Skies…

This post is in response to the Daily Post’s Photo Challenge of Rise/Set.

The sunrises and sunsets where I live are out of this world and have played a huge part in me putting my heart back together. It is impossible to look at the amazing colors in the sky and the crazy cloud formations and not feel inspired and humbled at the same time. It feels like every gorgeous morning and evening sky is its own miracle and makes troubles of the heart seem so small.

I started sleeping with my blinds open after my ex-husband and I separated. I would fall asleep looking at the moon or the stars. My bedroom window faces the Rincon Mountains where the sun rises in the morning. It’s not unusual for me to run out into the backyard in my underwear to capture pictures of the sunrise. The colors change and come and go so quickly . Here are a couple of my favorite sunrises:

My oldest son and I chase sunsets together. We call each other Sky Ninjas. We really try to be on our toes if a good one is cooking because they almost seem shorter lived than sunrises. Here are a couple of my favorite Sky Ninja sunsets:

I’m including a couple shots of funky cloud formations for fun because I love them:

Happy Sky Ninja Adventures to all!


      • Nepal has huge skies, up in the mountains. One day I’ll go back. Its odd how some skies can be said to be huge when the horizon and distance one sees is similar worldwide assuming there isn’t an awful smog blocking the view. That’s what I think, it may be nonsense, but I don’t think so.I must research!

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      • I just think it has to do with surroundings and what is blocking the view. I know the skies in the western states feel so huge compared to the east coast, but it probably has a lot to do with the open space factor…definitely worth a google search for the why… 😁

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