Date #12: DOOM And Namaste…Olé!!!

DOOM Yoga!!! Intriguing and confusing, right?! I love the dichotomous combination! This DOOM Yoga class is a slow Yin-based sequence of low-impact, passive poses, to stretch and rejuvenate connective tissues. It just happens to be done with the accompaniment of a live performance of experimental DOOM Metal Guitar, inspired by Black Sabbath.

I’m not a Yoga kind of girl, and feel pretty out of place sauntering into any Yoga type environment. Yoga is amazing, but I’m the world’s most inflexible woman, and if not, I’m at least her first cousin…I also tend to gravitate towards more high intensity activities like Crossfit, Cycling, Running, etc. So, Yoga is a bit of a new area for me. I thought maybe the metal guitars might make me feel a little more at home and I felt I needed something slow and more Yoga paced.

The venue for this class was a place called Cans Deli. They have a tasty Deli in the front and a REALLY big open space in the back that serves as a venue for a wide variety dance and music events, complete with a stage and a bar. It’s basically a big concrete block room with a concrete floor. It was really dark, like it should be, for DOOM. I love this funky place and want to try the actual Deli and attend more events here.

People setting up for class, bar in background:

I got over feeling out of place pretty quickly and really enjoyed the class! I definitely felt like I needed it. The instructor was great. I also really liked the sensation of the guitar vibrations going through my body while holding the stretches. It felt kind of therapeutic. The guitarists just held long notes and played to compliment what we were doing in class.

There was more live music and cocktails available at the bar after class. That sounded fun, but I was feeling pretty relaxed and ready to have some quiet time with Netflix at home. 🙂 I had worked a full day and juggled a lot of kid stuff with my the boys all week. I was tapped out.

I’ll definitely try DOOM Yoga and other Yoga varieties again in the future, and maybe I’ll stick around afterwards next time. I think I could definitely benefit from slowing things down, from time to time, with a little more Yoga in my life. Lord knows I could use some improvement in the flexibility department…

12 Dates down, 38 to go!!


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