Date #19: Celebration of The Crooked Tooth…

Crooked Tooth Brewing Company is a local brewery that was having its 5th Anniversary. It sounded like a fun shindig for me to attend. They advertised beer, live music and dancing. Sign me up! These are all things that I love! So, I threw myself together to go and check out the event!

I drank Waking Up Alone

I grabbed myself a beer and a bag of popcorn and found a spot on the patio in the middle of all of the action. I had never been to this brewery. It’s a really cool place and I love the big outdoor space that they have set up! There was a great turnout! However, I found I felt lonely after I had been there for a while. It wasn’t a very social crowd, except within their own groups.

The exception to the not so social crowd was an older gentleman who was really determined for me to join him for the evening. We had exchanged some friendly conversation. But then, he wanted me to dance, sit with him and leave the party and join him for dinner. I politely declined all of his invitations. He was very persistent and quite visibly put off at my lack of interest.

The beer was great and I really enjoyed the live music and watching people dancing to it. I noticed a couple that really seemed to adore each other and were having such a great time together. They looked like the rest of the world disappeared to them as they just moved around the dance floor. They were beautiful to watch and it made me feel sad to be there by myself.

The Couple

I’ve been considering putting myself out there to explore dating. I’m not certain that I have the time or energy for it. The dating/dating app thing is brutal and exhausting, but I feel I’m ready to make space for someone and would definitely welcome some love and romance, or affectionate companionship. I’m not looking for husband #2. I would just really like to have a compatible and consistent someone who wants to enjoy time with me. This is my take away from this date. It was a lonely one! Onward to Date #20.

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