Date #23 – Children of the Corn…

I had a hankerin’ for more axe-throwing, but with graduations happening and it being Mother’s Day Weekend, I wasn’t able to round up an opponent for that. I somehow thought this was the 2nd Saturday of May, which matters because Tucson Downtown comes to life with music, food and vendors every 2nd Saturday. They just recently resumed these festivities after a long COVID break.

It was the first Saturday. No Second Saturday fun for me. I went out to Facebook events, looking for something interesting, and found that there was going to be a block party at Hotel Congress. The “Pueblos del Maíz Fiesta” (Corn Fiesta) presented by Tucson City of Gastronomy, featured over 15 local food and artisan vendors. It was in celebration of the cultural and agricultural significance of Maiz (corn) in the Sonoran Desert. There was also nonstop live music and dancing.

Such a good crowd

I’ve already attended an outdoor festival or 2 as a part of these dates, and I wasn’t going to repeat date activities, but it’s so great to see downtown alive again. I had to do it. This event was so much fun. It was so festive and everyone was having such a great time. Thankfully it was such a friendly crowd because the lines were really long for the fantastic food. It came on the heels of Cinco De Mayo, so that energy just carried straight through to this fiesta. The bartenders who made a Mezcal Margarita for me said there had been 3 days of fiestas and they were feeling like they hadn’t been home at all for rest. They were wiped out, but really upbeat and it seemed like they were loving what they were doing. That Mezcal Margarita was delicious!

People watching a chef demonstration

People were dancing all over the place. I talked and laughed with some of the fiesta attendees. I ate really tasty food samples made by Casino Del Sol. I people watched and ate street tacos and soaked up the perfect weather and excitement around me. It would have been fun to get out and do a little dancing, but I didn’t feel inspired to go it alone on the dance floor with everyone twirling around. 🙂

Dancing was happening while waiting in line

There were a couple of after-party events. I chose to go to one at The Century Room because they were featuring a guitarist, Gabriel Ayala. It sounded like the most low-key option to end the night. I found a table and ordered a cocktail called Promise of the Earth. The waitress recommended it, saying that it was a staff and customer favorite. It was made with mezcal, tequila, Strega, lime, curry and habanero oil. I loved it. I enjoyed watching Gabriel’s performance and decided to call it a night.

Promise of the Earth cocktail
Gabriel Ayala

I’m so happy that our city is coming back to life. I love seeing so many people out with each other enjoying beautiful weather, delicious food and drinks, and great live music and dancing. This fiesta was a perfect way to spend a Saturday on Mother’s Day Weekend.

23 Dates Done! Thank you for reading!

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