Cee’s Black & White Challenge: Trees…

This post is in response to Cee's Black & White Challenge: Trees. Date #13 happens tonight, so I should be posting about that very soon!! I have a weakness for dead trees and how they look like the most interesting sculptures. Here are my Trees: And...one living tree:

Date #12: DOOM And Namaste…Olé!!!

DOOM Yoga!!! Intriguing and confusing, right?! I love the dichotomous combination! This DOOM Yoga class is a slow Yin-based sequence of low-impact, passive poses, to stretch and rejuvenate connective tissues. It just happens to be done with the accompaniment of a live performance of experimental DOOM Metal Guitar, inspired by Black Sabbath. I'm not a... Continue Reading →

Birthday Reflections…

I recently celebrated a birthday! I'm truly so very grateful and humbled by how blessed I am to have such amazing and special people in my life. My friends spoiled me with dinners out together, a Steve Martin/Martin Short show, a nice bike ride with pastries and lots of love and laughter. I was also... Continue Reading →

Fluffy, Desert-Style…

This is a response to the Rag Tag Daily Prompt : Fluffy. I figured I would share some of the desert fluffiness from this summer season. Yes, desert and fluffy does sound like quite the oxymoron, but it does exist and here are some fine examples: The Saguaros bloom their fluffy flower Afros: The cacti... Continue Reading →

Date #10: Dog Gone It! I’m Going to The Movies!

I know, I know...it's a movie date... This was a movie date, with a little twist. I saw an announcement for a charity movie event to benefit an organization called Gabriel's Angels. This organization provides pet therapy services to 122 partner agencies free of charge and serves over 14,800 children annually through 185 registered Pet Therapy... Continue Reading →

Viva Las Vegas!

The end of May was VERY action packed for my little family and me! My 6 year old was finishing his school year and, at the same time, I was sent to Las Vegas for a 5 day global work conference. My ex was out of town for a business trip that week too, so... Continue Reading →


This post is to get me writing blog posts again! I'm completely Flummoxed  about where all of the time goes, and how we can get sucked into vacuous interruptions in our personal space/time continuums...Anyhoo, that's my long-winded way of saying that I have fallen behind with my Date challenge AND with blog posts in general... Continue Reading →

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