Date #23 – Children of the Corn…

I had a hankerin’ for more axe-throwing, but with graduations happening and it being Mother’s Day Weekend, I wasn’t able to round up an opponent for that. I somehow thought this was the 2nd Saturday of May, which matters because Tucson Downtown comes to life with music, food and vendors every 2nd Saturday. They just... Continue Reading →

Date #9: Head Bangin’ With Cellos…

I have been delayed in my blog activities lately! End of school year craziness, as well as trying to get organized for an upcoming week-long work trip to Vegas, have had me running around like a chicken with its head cut off!!! Annnyhooo, I saw a Facebook event announcement for Apocalyptica Plays Metallica By Four... Continue Reading →

Date #4: Let’s Dance!

I gained more inspiration from my Paint Night instructor from Date #3. She is a West Coast Swing Dancer and told me about various beginner classes available during the week. Dance class was one of the date options on my short list for my 50 dates adventure, so I figured it would be a perfect... Continue Reading →

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