Explore Happy…

I was unable to do my Date #6 event last weekend, as I had planned. I definitely plan to get a date under my belt this week. In the meantime, I saw a couple of daily/weekly blog post challenges that are relevant to my personal blog journey and thought they would be fun to include!

The Daily Post, Daily Prompt challenge is to write a blog post around the one word prompt Explore. Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge for the week is Happy. I feel these 2 challenges in tandem are very pertinent to my blog because that is the quest that I’m on. I’m not only Exploring Happy as an individual, but am also exploring happy as a newly single Mom with my two boys in our new life as a family of 3.

Exploring playtime with the Blower:

I am exploring life on my own pursuing my 50 First Dates With Myself challenge and I’m trying to adjust to not having a man person around to help play with my Nuclear energy dudes. We spend a lot of time outside together. Our favorite activities are to venture out on various hiking trails in Saguaro National Park and riding bikes together.

I often feel overwhelmed and like I’m not equipped to handle the massive amounts of energy put out by my two little spark plugs on my own. I feel stretched so thin and like there is never enough time for us to just be together. My worries about that fade when we’re outside playing together or we’re inside snuggled up watching a movie. When they come to me for extra hugs and kisses and they squeeze me so tight, I know they feel my love for them. I love them so much. They are my heart’s Happy and my Smile.

Date #6 is coming soon!


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