Date #8: Finally, A Dinner Date…

Life has been so busy with kid birthday parties and festivities with friends lately. I feel like I’ve been running nonstop. I have also felt like I’m not getting enough gym time, which is important. It keeps me sane. 🙂 I had a few options lined up for Date #8, but decided on something low key with no specific start time that would allow me to sneak in a workout first.

I saw an announcement for a “Ceviche Festival” at Villa Peru. Ummm, yes please! This turned out to not really be a REAL festival, but a newish Peruvian restaurant that is choosing to showcase 13 different ceviches on their menu twice a year. I have a short list of basic date ideas and dinner is on that list. I thought I would plan to attend a big deal kind of multi course chef type dinner, since I can only do this type of date once, but this ceviche thing sounded too tasty.

I finished work for the day, ran to the gym and did a quick turn around to get my ceviche eat on! The restaurant was really nice! I liked the atmosphere and they had some live entertainment. I decided to sit at the bar for dinner and chat with the bartender. The food was fantastic. I love Mexican style ceviche, but also really loved the Peruvian style. It was my first time trying Peruvian food and I will definitely go back for more!

The bar was pretty quiet, so I talked to the bartender when he wasn’t slinging drinks. He was a really friendly guy. I really enjoyed this night out for dinner. I have juicier dates in the pipeline that I’ve paid for already, I just need to figure out scheduling. There are a few options that I’m tossing around for Date #9, which I’m planning to do this Saturday. 8 Down, 42 to go!!


  1. Cilantro is Corriander!
    Now I know, it’s my fave herb along with chilli and lemon grass which I imagine is different in the US too.
    It’s all so confusing, imagine being able to understand both American and English!!😉
    I’ve heard in Scotland they speak Scotlish 😆

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