This post is a response to The Daily Post’s One Word Prompt: Laughter. Laughter is extremely important to me. If you’re a friend of mine, chances are, we’re doing a lot of laughing together and finding ways and reasons to be silly together on a regular basis. In terms of romance, it would be nearly impossible for me to fall for someone who doesn’t make me laugh with a wicked sense of humor.

I’ve found that it’s also a habit of mine to laugh when I’m in pain. When emotions get ludicrously heavy, sometimes all you can do is laugh because you can’t cry anymore and it’s so ridiculous. Physical pain makes me laugh in a similar way. When I’ve pushed myself to the edge and I feel myself cracking, I laugh. My cycling buddies who push me to that point call it the “Corinna Giggle”. I feel like allowing yourself every opportunity to experience laughter and see humor during not only the good times, but also during times of struggle is empowering and medicinal.

My dear friend and I LOVE to take ugly face selfies with my boys because it’s such a hoot listening to them crack up while we’re watching ourselves contorting our faces for the camera. I’ll end this post with the pictures from our last Silly Selfie Photo Shoot to hopefully offer some laughter to all who took the time to read my post. ❤️

I like how my 3 year old is trying to figure this crazy thing out in the photo progression. It was a good first effort for him. 😂


  1. This is so cute and funny! I love taking selfies with my daughter as well and laughing together. She is only one so she is just starting to understand and laugh at pictures with herself.

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