Beware the “Brides” of March Double Extravaganza 2019!!!

The Brides of March is an annual event that takes place in cities around the world, around March 15. The event’s name is a pun on the term Ides of March and is a parody of weddings in western culture. The event, which began in 1999, is part pub crawl and part street theater, while wearing a thrift store wedding dress. Brides may be of any gender, but the wearing of traditional white wedding dresses, or something resembling them, is the point of the event. In recent years there have been a greater number of gothic brides who wear black, alien brides and other variations on the theme. This is summarized from the explanation of the event from:

My friend and I attended Brides Tucson together last year. She and I decided we wanted to attend both the Tucson and Phoenix events this year to see how they do things in The Valley of the Sun. I always love the opportunity to participate in events that are silly because I know there will be no shortage of smiles and laughter. People from all walks of life took time out of their grown up lives to go in search of the perfect thrift store wedding dress so they could convene with other silly minded strangers to talk, laugh and cause a complete spectacle through the streets of downtown Tucson and Phoenix.

We went a little bigger this year, opting to get a little campy and add wigs to our looks. We did the makeup a little bigger too.

The Tucson Brides event is pretty small and we became familiar with everyone pretty quickly. I also recognized people from last year, which was fun. I attended the Tucson event with 4 of my friends this year.

We were the last ones standing and capped off the evening with some rooftop dancing at a fun local place. They were having an “80’s and Gentlemen” night with a live band. It was fun to see the perplexed looks when the 3 of us came sauntering in wearing wedding dresses. The band played Billy Idol Rebel Yell, but didn’t know White Wedding??!! Anyhoo, they were great and it was a good time.

Two of us took our dresses and wigs to Phoenix the following weekend.

The Phoenix event is quite a bit larger and we had to take the light rail from place to place, which was fun. There were approximately 300 Brides at this event. Watching us take over the venues, wait for, and cram into, the light rail cars was pretty hilarious. There were some pretty creative bridal ensembles to behold. The larger number of Brides didn’t take away from the friendly and laid back attitude of the event. It’s hard to take oneself too seriously and not smile when you’re all a bunch of brides for the day.

I met some really interesting and fun people and don’t have any deep revelations from these events. It’s just about enjoying some silly time with my friends, having laughs and creating great memories together.

We had the best time watching my friend’s husband get false eyelashes put on, for instance. He was astonished at how big and amazing they made his eyes look. 😂

I have a couple more friend adventures to share. Writing them down is motivating me to get back on the solo date pursuit. Thank you for stopping by!


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