Beware the “Brides” of March…

The Brides of March is an annual event that takes place in cities around the world, around March 15. The event’s name is a pun on the term Ides of March and is a parody of weddings in western culture. The event, which began in 1999, is part pub crawl and part street theater, while wearing a thrift store wedding dress.

Brides may be of any gender, but the wearing of traditional white wedding dresses, or something resembling them, is the point of the event. In recent years there have been a greater number of gothic brides who wear black, alien brides and other variations on the theme. This is summarized from the explanation of the event from:

This event does not qualify as one of my 50 Dates. I attended it with my dear friend. It was just a purely fun, silly and literally fluffy day. I always love the opportunity to engage in perfect silliness and fun. People from all walks of life took time out of their grown up lives to go in search of the perfect thrift store wedding dress so they could convene with other silly minded strangers to talk, laugh and cause a complete spectacle through the streets of downtown Tucson.

I LOVED IT! My friend referred to the people who were not participating in the event as “civilians”. We enjoyed interacting with them very much. She put the civilians in 3 categories:

1.) People who were excited to learn more about this crazy and fun bride event. Some of the people in this category just wanted to be in pictures with us or share a couple of laughs. A couple of these civilians dropped what they were doing to run into downtown thrift stores for their own wedding dresses to join us, like this guy:

2.) People who displayed irritation and disapproval of such weird and childish behavior. Some asked questions in ways that made their irritation obvious, others just gave disapproving looks or side-eye.

3.) Last, but not least, people who had no idea whether they should be in category 1 or 2, so they tried REALLY hard to look away from the brides, or through us like we were invisible. 😂

I met some really interesting and fun people and don’t have any deep revelations from this sublime day, except that it was perfectly blissful, sweet and fun marshmallow fluff! We all need these types of days to help us reconnect with our innermost childlike self. And, I do think I came out of the evening with an idea for another interesting blog topic…That idea may have to wait until my 50 First Dates quest is over, but I’m excited about it until then.

Here are some more of the fun moments:

And, from what I understand, a traditional Brides of March pose…I could be wrong about that, but we had a lot of laughs with the “civilian” in the stall who wanted to participate:

I’m hoping to get Date #5 knocked out this week, but I only have 1 night this week to make it happen! Stay tuned!


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