This post is a response to The Daily Post's One Word Prompt: Laughter. Laughter is extremely important to me. If you're a friend of mine, chances are, we're doing a lot of laughing together and finding ways and reasons to be silly together on a regular basis. In terms of romance, it would be nearly... Continue Reading →

Date #7: Ghosts In the Icebox…

I like to scroll through Facebook events for fun and interesting date ideas for this 50 Dates personal challenge. I was intrigued by an event notice for a Haunted Ghost Tour of The Acadia Ranch in Oracle, AZ. About Acadia Ranch (from event description): In 1882 Edwin S. and Lillian Dodge opened up the Acadia... Continue Reading →

Date #4: Let’s Dance!

I gained more inspiration from my Paint Night instructor from Date #3. She is a West Coast Swing Dancer and told me about various beginner classes available during the week. Dance class was one of the date options on my short list for my 50 dates adventure, so I figured it would be a perfect... Continue Reading →


I did it. Date #1 HAPPENED! I've been full of such a heavy mixture of dread and excitement about this date that I failed to notice the extremely cool connection between the title of my blog and my first date event, until this morning. I took myself on a 100 mile drive to Phoenix to... Continue Reading →

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