Gettin’ Dirty – 24 Hours In the Old Pueblo…

I can’t technically consider this event one of my 50 Dates because I was in my cozy bubble of friends. 😊 This event deserves an entry because of how epic it is in all ways. 24 Hours In the Old Pueblo is a 24 hour mountain bike race event out in the middle of the desert between Phoenix and Tucson. This patch of desert turns into a town of tents, RV’s and vendors, called 24 Hour Town, for the weekend of this mountain bike event:

Event Guide

I joined a bunch of longtime friends on a corporate team. Our focus was to mostly hang out and spend time with each other while getting as much mountain biking in as we wanted. My contribution was 1 lap. 😊 I’ve ridden my mountain bike 2 times in the last 5 years. The first of the 2 times was 24 HOP last year and the second was this year’s event.

Needless to say, I was feeling a little uneasy about my ride. I knew I would turn out the slowest time on the team due to my lack of mountain bike training. I was also a little stressed about getting all of my poop together to support my ride and camping out for the night. I was really looking forward to seeing everyone who was coming out for the ride and I was excited for a weekend away, out in the middle of nowhere.

My friends had staked out our campsite a few days prior to the event and had a perfect spot saved for my truck/tent. All of my jitters started to melt away as we threw up my tent and I got into the first few pedal strokes of my ride. The weather was perfect, the riders out on the course were all so much fun, and I actually found myself really enjoying most of the course. There were times throughout my lap when I had to tell myself to stop being a baby about obstacles that made me feel uncomfortable and just ride through them. I needed to kick my own butt that way, as we do through most challenges in our daily lives. Recognizing this parallel left me feeling happy and like I should give my mountain bike a little more love throughout the year.

The time spent with my friends, out in the dirt, was beyond perfect. It was so pure, happy, smokey, and dirty. 😊 It brought me back to an easier time in life when all I worried about was paying the bills and going out for long rides all day with my favorite people. All I needed to concern myself with was keeping myself upright for my lap and laughing over some beers when I finished. It was pure, happy perfection. I really needed this.

I’m very grateful to have the friendships that I have and the opportunities to join these people on adventures like 24 HOP. I had the best time being with old friends and meeting new ones. I also really enjoyed the way the ride challenged me, and might do a little bit more of that this year. 24 HOP 2019, anyone?! 😁

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